Hashbrown is a multifaceted musician and vocalist who lives off-grid in the Santa Cruz mountains in California. His made-from-scratch approach to music bends and crosses genres but is often based in organic rhythm and funky grooves with lyrics that speak to the human experience from a place of humorous ponderings on life.

Living in relative isolation has impressed a whole new self-reliance, one that fueled buying and learning the electric guitar, and ukulele bass, to pair with the drum kit he stores under his self-designed and built murphy bed.

Hashbrown attended San Francisco State University where he majored in Audio Production. After graduating, he designed, built, and ran Knock Knock Recording Studio in San Francisco. As a recording/ mixing engineer he recorded scores of local talent, one being a young 24KGoldn.

During this same time he launched teamHODL, a crypto rap group, along with producer thecluff. When their song ‘Lambo Land’ went viral within the crypto community they received interviews and article mentions from such publications as Business Insider, BBC World Service Radio, etc.

In 2018 Hashbrown got the news he would have to move out of the house where he lived and the multi-room studio was built.

After tearing down the studio Hashbrown moved off grid and began building a tiny home recording studio setup. Heated by a wood stove and powered by a solar power system Hashbrown pieced together (with a generator for backup power), this is his current creative haven.