Looking back I first fell in love with the idea of building things when I was a kid watching my dad who was building one of my childhood homes off grid in the mountains outside of Morgan Hill.

I'd find scraps of wood and hammer nails in arcane arrangements that I somehow hoped would become trap doors, chairs, tables, etc. (Rarely did they attain their lofty goals)

It wasn't until building Knock Knock Recording Studios that I really connected the dots and realized the power some forethought, tools and determination could create. Manifesting ideas into a physical tangible reality is quite refreshing coming from music where creating can seem relatively arbitrary sometimes.

Below are some woodworking projects I've done:


Some drawers I recently made for kitchen storage, pretty happy with how they turned out for figuring it out as I went. Also really like the lil redwood drawer handles I glued and clamped together.

Ceiling Mount Mic Holder

This is honestly so simple it almost doesn't warrant sharing, but it just works so good and has made life that much easier that I really love it. Chopped off a lil chunk of old redwood 2x6. then gave it a sessy little bevel on each side to make it a kind of truncated pyramid.

Then combined two parts of most broken mic stands salvaging the working top from one, and the bottom from the other and chopped it to the right length. Drilled a hole of the appropriate size with a forstner bit and then actually the hardest part was getting the metal set into the wood.. I tried 5 minute epoxy and kind of ruined the setting process, then tried a random tube of silicon sealant I had laying around (don't ask me why I thought that would work), then finally after watching a youtube video just used the standard wood glue I use for everything (Titebond II) and it's held up great so far!